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Photo Booths

Length Width Height
37.5 28.5 83

                                          All Dimension in Inches

Apple Face Place Sapphire Photo Booth

The retro looking Face Place Sapphire Photobooth is known for its great looks, rugged construction and eye-catching marquee, and is perfect for bars, nightclubs, bowling centers, resorts, malls, retail stores, theaters and homes.

Features a industry record-setting 16 Second Print Cycle, and dispenses (2) 4 Frame 2″” x 1 1/2″” practically indestructible high-quality photos with every vend.

The Sapphire components includes a commercial-grade
Dye Sublimation Printer for long lasting “”No-Fade”” Studio Quality Prints, taken by a commercial Sony Digital Camera. And the internal LCD Monitor allows users to customize their looks on-screen, and select various print options.

Customers can also customize their “”look”” from one of
(9) Options : “”Color Photos””, “”B&W Photos””  “”4×6 Photos”” “”Passport Photos””, “”Postcards””, “”Fun Backgrounds”” “”Holiday Borders””, “”Face Replacement”” and “”Funny Hair Styles””, which allows users to add various backgrounds.

The Sapphire can also offload all photos taken via a USB Thumb Drive, which allows all pictures to be emailed or uploaded to photo sharing or social networking websites,
or to make extra prints offline for increased revenues !

Custom promotions and ads like corporate logos, product ads, messages and more can be added to photo strips to
promote your brand, special events, offer discounts and more ! Simply upload your image directly into the booth, or the factory can optionally preinstall your message (s).

Comes with Credit Card Reader + $1 to $20 DBA/Stacker
and “”Free-Play”” Mode for Events, Parties, Homes, etc !

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