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Height Width Depth
40″ 29″ 11″

All Dimension in Inches

Virtuo Touch Tunes

Superior Design Commands Attention
• 26-inch HD widescreen is ideal for viewing and user interaction
• Rim and wall wash light shows create atmosphere
• LED second screen commands attention and offers an ideal messaging platform
• Iconic physical play button
A Rich User Experience Defines the New SmartJuke
• New user interface is engaging, intuitive and fun
• Breakthrough smart search technology yields immediate and accurate results
– Sort results alphabetically, by popularity or release date
– Search for songs using lyrics
– Search the entire music catalog from any screen
• Programmed music collections and playlists enhance the user experience
• Viewable play queue shows users what’s playing next
• Integrated music recommender
• Browse 1 and 2 credit songs
• Virtuo is a showpiece of form and function that supports multiple entertainment services including the TouchTunes mobile app, PhotoBooth and Karaoke.