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Super Chexx Dome Hockey

Also known as Rod or "" Bubble Hockey "" because of the game's indestructible clear dome that covers the playfield. Super Chexx Bubble Hockey is very fast, exciting and realistic, as the players on either side control all five hockey players and the goalie. Bubble Hockey can be played as a one-on-one game, or especially during pro tournaments and team, family or friend battles, rod hockey games are played two on two. And with Super Chexx, its brand new Game Electronics Brain records all the Goals, Shots On Goal, Periods plus Game Running Time on its Digital Clock during the game for easy, hassle-free play ! And with the addition of the New Digital Stadium Sound, System, Super Chex now gives both Announcements and Crowd Sounds, along with Digital Music Playback on (2) internal Audio Playback Speakers! Also comes with Hinged Dome that swings open for cleaning, with Aluminum Cabinet pieces to provide for lighter weight ! Super Chexx comes with Automatic Puck Return System, new Overhead Dome Lighting, and if a game becomes tied after normal game play, Super Chex will automatically go into Sudden Death Overtime - So there's always a winner! The running time and cost per game is user adjustable if used commercially, or the game can be set on free-play. Teams: Red Against Blue Only. Ships with standard Solid Base OR ""Split Base"" Model, which is meant to fit through smaller doorways with less than 32"" width clearance.

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