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Specification Assemioied (LxWxH) Boxed (LxWxH) Weight
88(6.5 foot) 87.25″ x 50″x31.5″ 91″ x 54.5″ x 18″ 652lbs
93(7foot) 92.75″ x 52.75″ x 31.5″ 97″ x 57″ x 18″ 710lbs
101(8foot) 101.25″ x 57.25″ x 31.5″ 105″ x 61.5″x18″ 860lbs

                                          All Dimension in Inches

Valley Panther ZD-X Pool Table

Electronic Enhancements Accepts League Dues - The ability to collect up to 10 different leagues per table with 100 teams per league. Bonus Features - Use value pricing for large buy ins. Happy Hour Play - Three levels now available.use internal clock to customize pricing. MEI Bill Acceptor - Operators asked for it.standard on every table. Battery and Charger Enhancements Battery Protection - Multiple status warning for time to charge,critical low battery and DBA shutdown Status Check Feature - By holding the start button you can check Current time, Battery voltage, Logic version Sleep Mode - Uses the onboard clock and saves the battery. 18 Amp interstate battery- With new high-power speed charger to extend battery life. Fully charged in 6.5hr cutting charging time by 60% Quick connect eliminates potential damage from cross connection the battery Clock has separate battery for backup and memory protection Accounting Features Manage league fees - Clearly shows league dues and table income separately including both team number and amounts paid bonus games and happy hour tracking eliminate free games and lost revenue detailed information to maximize income. Improved Playability - Smooth design - Sleek innovative corner casting coupled with the newly designed rail cap molding produces a smooth to rail design eliminates "snag points" for hands cues and clothing 5 bolt cushion rails - Eliminaes T-nut dead spots and is more securely sttached to the top rail for more consistency.lifetime manufacturer warranty on rail rubber Valley's Teflon ultra cloth - Plays faster wears longer and looks better thab tradional woolen cloth Dual density cushion rubbers - Champoinshio's tour edition rubber can't be beat for accracy and speed. Cougar head cue ball - Aramith's 3-step laered process produces a perfectly balanced ball,the same weight and size as the object balls.Every panther includes an aramith ball set. Cheyenne leather laminate - A classic look that brngs back valley tradition. Black cat laminate also available.

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